CLIL Journal of Innovation and Research in Plurilingual and Pluricultural Education

The journal aims to find common ground between teaching and research professionals to encourage debate leading to the improvement of teaching practice, as well as to a better understanding of language teaching and learning processes and the role of language in the learning of curricular content.


Grafo Working Papers

Scientific journal born within the Research Group in Fundamental and Oriented Anthropology (GRAFO) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and where particularly relevant results of research, discussions and scientific debates carried out within the group are published. The journal is nourished by the research work (in progress or already completed) of researchers, whether they are members of the group or directly involved in its activities.


Links & Letters

It publishes works on various areas of English studies: linguistics, literature and the culture of the English-speaking world. It is aimed at the general public with an interest in these subjects, not just specialists. Each issue deals with a specific theme through articles, reviews and interviews with scholars.



The journal publishes articles on the teaching of classical languages and culture at all levels of education, with the aim of becoming a meeting point between secondary and university education, between the study of Latin and Greek, between the teaching of language and classical culture.



Journal edited by the Botany, Zoology and Ecology units of the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with the aim of publishing original research papers or review articles on botany, zoology and ecology and related fields (biogeography, biodiversity, evolution, morphology, cytogenetics, conservation).

Ruta Comunicación

The journal publishes academic works in the field of communication sciences, as well as works from other disciplines that deal with aspects related to communication. Priority is given to works by researchers in the process of training — doctoral or master’s students — or articles derived from doctoral theses that have not yet been read or published.