Tipografies antigues d'impremta

The UAB Publications Service is a general technical support service for the university community in terms of publishing policy and the production of publications.

The activity of the publishing house focuses on the publication of its own books by order or in co-publication with other organizations, public or private, to meet the needs of the UAB. In this line, it offers support to the teaching taught at the University with the publication of manuals and teaching materials aimed at the degrees that the UAB offers to students, contributes to the dissemination of scientific and technical activity with the publication of specialized books, scientific journals and doctoral theses, and promotes links and knowledge transfer between the University and society with the publication of informative works and the organization of cultural activities. The publishing house is also responsible for the production of official UAB stationery.

Currently, the main lines of work of the Publications Service are aimed at promoting the publication of books in electronic format, promoting scientific journals through the ReDi platform, based on OJS, and promoting open science through collaboration with other institutions and universities.