Financial support for journals

Grup de gent sostenint una bombeta

With the approval of the Research Commission, UAB maintains a specific financial support programme aimed at promoting the continuous improvement of scientific research journals and ensuring their economic stability. For several years now, this support programme has been based on the signing of programme contracts between the journals and UAB for a period of four years, linked to the fulfilment of objectives, with the aim of providing stable institutional support that allows the journals to work towards the gradual improvement of their quality standards or to maintain them once they have reached an optimal level of recognition.

The Vice-Rectorate for Innovation and Strategic Projects is currently responsible for scientific research journals and is in charge of issuing the call for applications.

Scientific research journals published or co-published by the UAB and recognised in the official list of scientific journals of the UAB, which guarantees that the journals registered meet the minimum requirements to be considered publications of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, are eligible to apply.

The amount allocated for the last call, REV2021-2024, was 87,157.21 euros.