Via diamant

La via diamant, és aquella via d'accés a la literatura científica que proporciona accés obert, lliure i gratuït, als articles, i possibilitat de reutilització, a través de les llicències Creative Commons. Aquesta via no té cap cost per a les persones autores, ni per les lectores. La 'via diamant' és la via recomanada per oferir autèntic accés obert a la ciència.

1611. Revista d'història de la traducció

The journal publishes research on translations in the languages that exist or existed on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America. As historians of translation, we are interested in recovering the “great” translations, the censored or banned works, the variations in the ways of reading texts from different periods. The journal aims to rescue and disseminate (in Spanish, Catalan and English) the extraordinary cultural memory that translation reveals.



Is one of the pioneering journals in the field of research in communication and journalism.  It was founded in 1980 and since then, it has adapted to the times until today. Priority is given to publishing all those research contributions within communication and journalism studies that represent an advance in knowledge and improvement, especially if they have received funding support. The journal has two fixed issues a year and sometimes some extra issues.


Anuario IET de Trabajo y Relaciones Laborales

The Anuario includes analyses of evolution and trends of the labour market as well as the employment policies in Spain, through a series of articles addressing the subject from a sociological, economic and legal perspective.

Contributions may intersect with social and economic issues such as working conditions, job quality, pay, gender and inequalities and are aimed at experts, academic audience and all the social agents involved.


Anuario Lope de Vega

Journal published since 1995 (electronic since 2011) by the PROLOPE research group of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, founded by Alberto Blecua and currently directed by Gonzalo Pontón. It brings together scholarly articles on textual, literary or cultural issues that contribute to a better understanding of Lope de Vega, his work and his time, from both current research approaches and traditional perspectives.


Athenea Digital

The main aim of the journal is to promote dialogue and innovation in social and cultural studies and to encourage interdisciplinary reflection in the tradition of the human and social sciences. It explicitly claims an ethos that is receptive to debate and critical reflection, both theoretical and methodological, international in its outlook and scope, open, reflexive, imaginative and interdisciplinary. Athenea Digital is particularly interested in the connections and relationships that emerge between different intellectual developments, processes of change in social practices and forms, and institutional transformation in the broadest sense.


Bellaterra Journal of Teaching and Learning Language & Literature

The purpose of the journal is to publish outstanding research carried out by students (or recent graduates) of Master’s programmes or doctoral studies (and postdoctoral studies up to a maximum of five years) within the research area of Language and Literature Didactics. Empirical research (quantitative or qualitative) and state of the art (recent literature reviews) will be published, as well as commissioned articles from internationally renowned authors in these research areas, and interviews with recognised experts in these fields.


Brumal. Revista de Investigación sobre lo Fantástico

Interdisciplinary and multilingual publication aimed at researchers and specialists.
Understanding the fantastic as an always problematic confrontation between the real and the impossible in a world like ours, there are other non-mimetic genres that do not fit this definition, such as science fiction, the marvellous or fantasy.
It opens its pages to works on the fantastic in its various artistic manifestations (narrative, theatre, cinema, comics, painting, photography, video games, television and radio) in all languages and countries throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.


Catalan Journal of Linguistics

The journal publishes quality research articles developing formal analyses of the structure of particular languages from the point of view of a general theory of human language. Its research fields include syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, lexicology, pragmatics, language acquisition and diachronic variation, focusing on the study of the universal properties of language and the identification of variation patterns among natural languages.



It is a journal in Catalan by and for science teachers from all schools and institutes in Catalonia and other Catalan-speaking territories.
It is a place to share experiences, reflections and research on the teaching and learning of science at different school levels. Articles on educational practice, resources and innovative teaching experiences are published, and initiatives, good practices and research are shared and exchanged with the community.