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Trivium Fisioterąpia
Autogenic Drainage. "The flow and breathing level modulation concept" 
Autor: Chevaillier, Jean
Col·lecció i núm: Trivium Fisioterąpia  
Primera edició: 2016
Pàgines: 148
Format: 19,5 x 28 cm
Enquadernació: En rśstica fresada
Idioma: English
Matèria: 6. Cičncies Aplicades. Medicina. Tčcnica. Matèria IBIC: MQS
Editor: Servei de Publicacions de la Universitat Autņnoma de Barcelona
Distribució: MIDAC
Codi d'article: TRIF009.
Dipòsit legal: B-7341-2014
ISBN (paper): 978-84-490-4390-1.
PVP: 36 €
ISBN (ebook): 978-84-490-4863-0. PVP: 17,99 €. Format: pdf

Ressenya: This work does not provide "recipes" or standardized solutions for the treatment of patients affected hypersecretion. The reader will find the book necessary ingredients to adapt to drain bronchial disease and the patient's condition, their needs and possibilities. Find relevant information ontology, anatomy, physiology and pulmonary ventilatory mechanics in order to facilitate understanding of the mechanisms involved in bronchial drainage techniques. It also delves into measurements of lung function and its implications. Explains the problems with obstruction and pulmonary physiotherapy assessment, as well as the bases of the bronchial drainage techniques. Not to mention the care of the upper airways. Acquire special mention specific principles of autogenic drainage, showing through performance curves partial expiratory flow-volume, the ability to modulate the flow and volume in the bronchial tree and selectively localize functional bronchial generations drain. Series of tips to standardize ventilation during inspiratory phase as well as the importance of correcting the shape of the rib cage. Explains the use of autogenic drainage in patients collaborators and collaborators, with a section dedicated to autogenic drainage in infants. The last chapters are devoted to explaining the specific physiology of cough with practical implications, special attention is given to inhalation therapy and finally being mentioned techniques as accessory respiratory reeducation and functional analysis, the importance of exercise and positioning, flexible gymnastics, relaxation, the use of oxygen and the rehabilitation effort through sport. 

Autor/s: Jean Chevaillier, born in Ypres, Belgium, on 06/14/1940. He studied for obtaining the Diploma in Physiotherapy University Stedelijk Instituut voor Paramedische Beroep Ghent, graduated in June 1963. Head of physiotherapy Zeepreventorium De Haan, Belgium, from 1963 until June 2005. Founder and initiator of autogenic drainage. Founding member of the International Physiotherapy Group for Cystic Fibrosis. Instructor teaching nationally and internationally, of autogenic drainage and physiotherapy in obstructive lung diseases.

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